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21st October, Windsurfing Remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo as it passes Camber Sands

Hurricane Gonzalo gave the island of Bermuda quite a battering and a few days later the remnants were heading towards the uk. With a forecast of 3m swells and gale force westerly winds. This seemed the perfect forecast for some down the line wave riding at Camber Sands.

a picture of the sea at camber sands as the remnants of hurricane gonzalo pass over
Camber Sands as hurricane Gonzalo passes through.

The picture above is from Broomhill sands at Camber. I know the waves do not look that big from this picture. They were though three quarter mast high if not slightly bigger. With the wind being slightly north of west. The wind was always going to be extremely gusty. Due west is cross shore at Camber and once it gets any sort of off shore element to it the topography of the land has a great effect on the steadiness of the wind.

sam ready to launch at broomhill sands camber
Sam launched first and was the guinea pig to see if a 4.2m was the right sail.

Sam is a very good wave sailor and when he first went out struggled a bit so that did not bode well for the rest of us. So we let the water get to the bottom of the groynes before launching.

I will be honest it did not turn out to be the epic day we had all had in mind. It was quite hard work due to the gustyness of the wind. Also there was a lot of white water to negotiate on the way out. It did however produce a few really nice waves to ride going straight down the line. So all in all not epic but certainly worth getting wet for.