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20th October Waist High Sup/Waveski Wave at Camber Sands

Monday the 20th of October. No work to mid afternoon, Checked the weather on xcweather and windguru and once checked the grenwich wave buoy which was showing 4.5 feet. It was time to give richard a shout, Load up the van with the starboard POD wave sup and head down to Camber sands. High water was 9.30 am so it meant a paddle at the grassy car park. Being well in to October this means that you can park by the gates as the car park is closed.

a picture of a wavesup and a waveski
My wave SUP a starboard pod and richard,s waveski

Well it was not an epic full on day. What we did have though for about 1 and a half hours was some small but great fun waist to maximum chest high waves. You could not get a great deal of speed on the waves there was though enough to get a half decent bottom turn. With the help of the paddle you could just about get a top turn in without stalling.

So for a sunny warm morning in the middle of October Richard and myself were more than happy to take full advantage of the conditions that we had at hand.  The good thing though about stand up paddle surfing and the use of a waveski is that you dont have to have perfect waves to have fun. Even mushy waist high waves can still be great fun.