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Starboard POD 7.4 Sup, Board Review

a picture of the starboard POD 7.4 from above
great all round board turns well and nose rides as well

I have owned a Starboard POD 7.4  for over 3 years now and have surfed it probably well over a 100 times. In waves from literally just over knee high to double over head. The board is a quad fin set up which in my opinion is the best set up for a short sup. The volume of the board is a 105l and is 29.5 inches wide.

the starboard POD has a quad fin setr up.
Quad fin set up which gives you great tight turning ability.

I weigh just under 75kg and stability wise the POD is fine. As you can imagine at only 7.4 long the glide you get from the board from each paddle stroke is very limited. Also if you are coming down in size from a much larger board you will have to concentrate much harder on your paddling technique. Once you have got it though you will be able to paddle the POD in pretty much a straight line. As far as the the shape of the board goes it is probably now classed as a bit old school for a short sup. There is plenty of volume up towards the nose of the board and the nose of the board is fairly wide. The tail of the board is pulled in and pretty narrow.

an epic day stand up paddle surfing at camber Sands.
As good as it gets at Camber Sands.

Now the main priority of any board what does it surf like. Where we live on the south east corner of England. The majority of the time we get short period wind driven swell. even in these far from unideal conditions the starboard POD will get up and perform in anything over waist high. It will accelerate really quickly on to a wave and the majority of the time you just need a couple of paddle strokes to make the take off. Even in these mushy waves that we get the POD .

Another great sup wave at camber.
Who says you cant surf at Camber

will turn tightly in the bottom turn and get you back up to the lip with plenty of speed to get a top turn in. Also this great board from Starboard with its fairly wide nose is a doddle to nose ride.

Paddling out through the shore break at Camber.
Waves always come when you are paddling out

I have also had 5 trips down to Devon with the starboard POD. In better quality surf from waist to double over head high. The pod takes it all in its stride. On the smaller stuff the acceleration is instant and you can really tighten up the turns. In the larger waves long drawn out turns are a real joy and the board never seems out of its comfort zone.

a picture of a wavesup and a waveski
My wave SUP a starboard pod and richard,s waveski

So as you can guess my over all opinion of the Starboard POD. Is that if you want a single SUP wave board that does everything pretty well. Then this is a board you should put on your short list. That is if you can find one. Starboard did not make this model for very long. Why i do not know and i have never seen a second hand one for sale.


Dungeness Point has the potential for some great Surf/Sup Waves

Dungeness point on its day has the potential to offer some great waves for both surfers and stand up paddle surfers. The problem is it does not work that often. Dungeness needs the right conditions and the right tides to make it happen. I paddle surfed Dungeness point recently and a report about that day is in another post. Since then i have been back there on a very windy day. Blown out for surfing and definately blown out for paddle surfing.

a picture of waves at dungeness kent
A windy wave at Dungeness point

The wind on this day i took these pictures was gusting 30mph. So i decided not to paddlesurf dungeness and went for a windsurf around at camber instead. Hopefully though these pictures will give some sort of idea of the potential of Dungeness as a point break.

a nice wave that is peeling to the right
There are a couple of mini points that make perfect launch points

The best place to launch is up by the fishing boats. There are a couple of mini points that stick out and make for perfect launching spots.

very windy wave at dungeness point
As you can see the waves are well spaced out

You can actually wait on the beach at Dungeness by the boats and then when you see a set coming just launch and catch one of the set waves. You will though have to walk back up the beach after every 2 or 3 waves though. As trying to paddle back up to where you started from is a fruitless task. Well it was when i paddle surfed here on my Sup. It was a lot easier to come ashore and walk back up. A lot less energetic also.

the waves run right along the shoreline
As you can see you dont have to go far off the shore to catch the waves at Dungeness

The best chance to get a surf at Dungeness is when the wind has been blowing from a southerly direction. The big thing to look out for though is spring tides as it has a much better chance of working on springs. Then you want to catch it about half tide on the way down. Just as the ebb tide flows and pushes the waves right up. You wont surf many times a year at dungeness as the conditions have to be just right i for one though will be there with my wave sup to give it a go when it does.