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Sup Surf in Albufeira Portugal

After a week charging around the Algarve trying to find waves that were not blown out by the Northerly wind. Rich the Ski and myself decided to have a leisurely paddle down by the hotel that Lee and Emma had been staying at.

supping at albufeira in a pair of shorts
What can be more fun than surfing in just a pair of shorts

So we just grabbed our boards well i grabbed my board and Richard grabbed his Waveski. Put on a pair of shorts and headed for the beach. What a pleasent surprise we were greeted with. A lovely little fun wave to finish off a great week in Portugal.

backside wave ride in the algarve
The sun was shining a fun wave and a great setting.

Rich the ski took these pictures while taking a break on the beach. What great memories. I ask anyone how many times can you remember surfing in just a pair of shorts.

front side wave riding in Albufeira
A cracking little fun wave

This sup surfing session is our last memory of Albufeira in the Algarve. We were sitting on the plane home feeling pretty smug with ourselves.

nose riding in albufeira
A wave with not another person out apart from Richard and myself


Best waves at Camber so far this Winter Thursday 8th January

What a great session thyursday the 8th of jan turned out to be. The forecast had the wind swinging from south west to north west by lunchtime. They did have though the wind staying at about 20mph though. So we did not get our hopes up to much for an epic session.bThe wind swang mid morning right on cue and we were also in for a pleasent surprise. Once the wind went north west it dropped out almost completely. So by the time we got afloat for a surf a couple of hours later the conditions had cleaned up and there were some lovely over head high waves to be had.

barry on the starboard pod going back side.
There were both lefts and rights to be had

These waves are the best we have had at Camber this winter by far. There were lefts and rights to be had with only the odd wave closing out. out that day was Tom from the kitesurf centre on his starboard pocket rocket. Richard on his pro design waveski and myself on my starboard pod. the bar up by the green light at the entrance to the river Rother was definitely the place to be and we had about 2 and a half hours of sheer fun

barry going front side on the starboard pod.
Great waves and blue skies WAHOO

Hopefully we will have more days like this before the winter swell ends in a couple of months time. Tom, Rich and myself all came off with huge smiles on our faces.

15th /16th November Sup/Waveski/Surf at Saunton Sands

It had been a while since Rich and myself had had a trip down to Saunton sands. We had been keeping an eye on the weather for a few weeks. All they had down the west country during this time were westerly onshore winds. We had been looking for a weather forecast with light offshore easterly winds and some waves. So that we could drop down to saunton in Devon and have a surf. Well a Sup surf for me on the starboard POD and to catch some waves on the waveski for Rich.

a picture of saunton sands with a big swell running
Saunton Sands going off big time

Then the weather did us a good turn and the weekend of the 15th and 16th of November promised some 4-6 foot waves and a light easterly wind. The Monday was supposed to be light winds and 2-3 feet that however turned in to onshore mush.

a picture of a surfer on an overhead high wave at Saunton Sands
These pictures of Saunton were taken by Dave Gayda. Check out his website for some great seascape paintings.

We got to Saunton about lunchtime on the saturday. To our pleasent surprise we saw Dave Gayda,s van in the car park and Rich joked about whether he would have his windsurf sails in his van that he had given him a couple of weeks beforehand to get fixed. Dave was already out surfing so we had to wait on that one. What a surprise when we saw Dave later and he did actually have the sails in his van. So Rich was a well happy bunney.

The saturday proved to be nearly double over head high surf and both myself on the sup and Rich on the Waveski took a battering getting out through the white water. It was well worth the effort though as the waves that were caught were some of the biggest i had caught on the sup for a long time.

a sup wave rider on the top of a big wave at saunton sands.
Some waves were closing out some though gave you a shoulder and you could get 3 or 4 bottom turns

The sunday did not disappoint either. The waves were a bit smaller and more manageable. Still maxing out at head high and a half though. It was however a bit easier to get out through the white water. With Rich on the waveski almost cruising out the back. I got a bit of a hammering in the white water again. It took me about 10 minutes to get the starboard pod out the back. Again there were some cracking waves to be had. With Rich having the fastest drop down a face of a wave that he has ever had and myself being goofy footed so i love going left. I did however have one of the sweetest rights i have had. With a lovely peeling over head high right and i managed for me 4 bottom and top turns all without any loss of speed. Dave had been using the rip by the rocks to help him get out the back. So that looks like the best bet for next time. He also said he had caught one of the best waves in a long time. So all in all a great weekend had at Saunton Sands in November.

9th November Just Rideable Sup Wave at the Dunes Camber

The wind had blown from the south for most of the night and then dropped right out about 4.30 am. So in theory there should of been a nice bit of ground swell left to have a surf on.

There were 4 surfers out when i arrived at just after high water. They had gone in from the centre of camber at the sandy car park. They were catching a few short rides on thigh to waist high waves. The weather was good and i hoped the waves would get a bit better as the tide dropped and the ebb came through. So i decided to keep optomistic and get wet.

I had about an hour and a half on the water and there was no problem catching waves on the starboard POD. They were only small however and had very little speed to them. There again i caught a few waves, The weather was warm and sunny for november and it was good exercise.

So all in all another non epic days sup surfing at Camber Sands but fun none the less

Dungeness Point has the potential for some great Surf/Sup Waves

Dungeness point on its day has the potential to offer some great waves for both surfers and stand up paddle surfers. The problem is it does not work that often. Dungeness needs the right conditions and the right tides to make it happen. I paddle surfed Dungeness point recently and a report about that day is in another post. Since then i have been back there on a very windy day. Blown out for surfing and definately blown out for paddle surfing.

a picture of waves at dungeness kent
A windy wave at Dungeness point

The wind on this day i took these pictures was gusting 30mph. So i decided not to paddlesurf dungeness and went for a windsurf around at camber instead. Hopefully though these pictures will give some sort of idea of the potential of Dungeness as a point break.

a nice wave that is peeling to the right
There are a couple of mini points that make perfect launch points

The best place to launch is up by the fishing boats. There are a couple of mini points that stick out and make for perfect launching spots.

very windy wave at dungeness point
As you can see the waves are well spaced out

You can actually wait on the beach at Dungeness by the boats and then when you see a set coming just launch and catch one of the set waves. You will though have to walk back up the beach after every 2 or 3 waves though. As trying to paddle back up to where you started from is a fruitless task. Well it was when i paddle surfed here on my Sup. It was a lot easier to come ashore and walk back up. A lot less energetic also.

the waves run right along the shoreline
As you can see you dont have to go far off the shore to catch the waves at Dungeness

The best chance to get a surf at Dungeness is when the wind has been blowing from a southerly direction. The big thing to look out for though is spring tides as it has a much better chance of working on springs. Then you want to catch it about half tide on the way down. Just as the ebb tide flows and pushes the waves right up. You wont surf many times a year at dungeness as the conditions have to be just right i for one though will be there with my wave sup to give it a go when it does.