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4.5m Windsurf at the Tavern Greatstone

Wed the 8th of October.

On the forecast the plan was to try and sup Dungeness Point again hopefully with a bit more swell. As we all know though the British weather is always a bit unpredictable and on the day. The best bet looked like a windsurf down at the Romney Tavern at Greatstone.

greatstone can produce a fun wave on its day.
The Romney Tavern Greatstone, A fun spot to windsurf on a southerly wind.

At greatstone you basically get two hours either side of high water unless you are in for a big walk. As when the tide goes out here it goes out fast. The walk at low tide can be a good 15 minutes.

When it blows 4,2m weather greatstone can be a great place to sail.
A 4.5m rigged up and ready to go. On hindsight though a 5.0m would of been the better sail for the day.

Sean was already there when i arrived and then Richard from Dymchurch turned up along with Volvo Ian and sideburn Steve. It looked like the wind was building so a 4.5m was on the cards. In hindsight a 5.2m would of been a better bet. The wind was slightly cross off and pretty gusty. So staying up wind was the main concern. Rather than the wave riding which was the plan of the day. Ian rigged a 4.7m and being a good bit lighter than me had a decent sail. Sean rigged a 5.0m and ended up going out quite late and only got a few runs in before the rain came through and made the wind swing south west. Which is too far off shore for sailing at the Tavern. That spelled the end of a fairly short sail that did not produce the good wave riding that we had hoped. You cant have an epic sail everyday though.