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Ride the Storm (12th Dec)

The forecast had been showing a lot of swell for friday the 12th all week. Also the forecast was showing the wind going NW. Which would bring some over head high clean waves at Camber Sands. High water up by the harbour arm looked the best bet.

Barry bailing off the wave while sup wave riding
The waves were well over head high. So there was a bit of this

On the day there was plenty of swell. The Greenwich light ship buoy was showing 14f at one time. The wind had dropped out and was light from the west. Richard gave me a ring and said he probably would not make it due to a bad back. A few ibuprofen managed to get him to the beach with his waveski though. He was so glad he did as he caught the best wave he had ever caught at Camber.

if you got it right everytime wave riding would be boring.
And this

Tom from the kitesurf centre came out on his Starboard Pocket Rocket  Unfortunately he bought a squally shower out with him. Just as the waves were cleaning up nicely.

wave riding the Starboard pod at camber sands
There was however plenty of this

Over all it was not the epic day the forecast had hinted it might be. It was however a great day to be on the water with the Sup.


1st Harbour Arm Sup at Camber for quite a while. 10th Dec 2014

The autumn was basically a waste of time for any kind of stand up paddleboarding at Camber. The low pressures that came through tracked in a way that the wind stayed onshore for Camber sands meaning no chance of a Sup wave.

going frontside on the starboard pod at camber
First wave caught up by the harbour at rye for a fair time.

So the chance to catch a few waves was well over due. I will be honest when i left home i thought i would get to Camber take a look over the top of the sand dunes. See that the wind was still blowing and to onshore abandon it and go for a swim in the pool instead. It was a great surprise to look over the dunes and realise the wind had dropped and swung westerly which is cross shore. Also there were some chest to shoulder high sets rolling in.

a barrelling wave at camber sands in december
You can see the part of the wave that is barrelling in the back ground

It was high water so the best place to go was up by the harbour arm of the river Rother. The thing that i was most chuffed about this sup session though was that there was a shoulder to ride at the green light and also off the post. Just a bit further down towards Camber. Hopefully this means that the sand bars have sorted themselves out. With the forecast looking really good for friday. Hopefully an epic day is going to be on the cards and also hopefully i will not be billy no friends on friday as well.

Back side wave at camber
The waves were not huge . It was such a joy to get any kind of a wave as they had been few and far apart so far this winter at Camber Sands