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New Sup Short Board Gong 6.10 Fatal XTR Pro

Just got my hands on a gong fatal 6.10 xtr pro. I have been riding my starboard POD for at least 3 years now and it has become second nature riding and paddling the POD. So i thought it was time i took a look at a radical short board SUP. After looking around and ruling out most of the major manufacturers as soon as i had a look at the price that they are now asking for their boards. I decided on a gongsup. I decided on the 6.10 fatal xtr and bit the bullet and ordered one. They only sell on line direct so you get your board much cheaper than you would do from a shop.

Gongs 6.10 short board sup
The 6.10 Fatal by Gong is a pure short board sup.

The new 6.10 fatal arrived promptly from their wear house in France. At 95l the 6.10 fatal is a good 10l less volume than the Starboard POD. I  thought how hard can the drop down in size be. My first outing on the board in choppy small waves soon answered that question. Very, To start with just trying to stand on the 6.10 fatal seemed hardly possible. I soon found out that i was now back on a steep learning curve to try and get used to the 6.10  fatal. I have now had 4 sessions on the board all in small surf. The hardest thing about the board is the initial getting up on the board. I have changed my technique markedly from the starboard Pod. I will go in to more detail in my full review of the board in another article. Simply put though it is all down to keeping your centre of gravity as low as possible. I have only used the board in small slow surf so far and basically the board comes alive instantly it is on any sort of a wave. It accelerates and turns on waves that the Starboard POD would just be meandering along.

quad fin set up with 4.5 inch and 3.5 inch fins
With quad fin set up and plenty of nose and tail rocker. This board turns like a dream and gets you more vertical than you ever thought possible on a sup.

So watch this space as i will give a full unbiased review of the board once i am riding it to its potential and have ridden it in a whole mixture of different conditions and wave sizes. My first opinion is though that the Gong 6.10 Fatal is going to totally change my supping in clean waves up to head high.#


I just took the gong 6.10 and the starboard POD to north devon for a few days. We had head high and a half down to shoulder high waves. This board has now proved to me just how quick it will turn and is manageable in the white water. At the moment it seems a perfect board for chest to head high waves. It is going to be so good over the next few months trying the 6.10 out in different conditions. There is nothing like a new learning curve to get you going.