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Best waves at Camber so far this Winter Thursday 8th January

What a great session thyursday the 8th of jan turned out to be. The forecast had the wind swinging from south west to north west by lunchtime. They did have though the wind staying at about 20mph though. So we did not get our hopes up to much for an epic session.bThe wind swang mid morning right on cue and we were also in for a pleasent surprise. Once the wind went north west it dropped out almost completely. So by the time we got afloat for a surf a couple of hours later the conditions had cleaned up and there were some lovely over head high waves to be had.

barry on the starboard pod going back side.
There were both lefts and rights to be had

These waves are the best we have had at Camber this winter by far. There were lefts and rights to be had with only the odd wave closing out. out that day was Tom from the kitesurf centre on his starboard pocket rocket. Richard on his pro design waveski and myself on my starboard pod. the bar up by the green light at the entrance to the river Rother was definitely the place to be and we had about 2 and a half hours of sheer fun

barry going front side on the starboard pod.
Great waves and blue skies WAHOO

Hopefully we will have more days like this before the winter swell ends in a couple of months time. Tom, Rich and myself all came off with huge smiles on our faces.

20th Dec, Clean Chest high wave by the Green Light.

The forecast said again that the wind would swing in to the NW by high water. On the morning though we kept looking at the windguru spot weather station on the Red house at Camber and it stubbornly stayed south of west. In the end we decided to give it a look anyway and we were so glad we did. We were presented with a chest high clean wave that was running left nicely.

a picture of a waveski in chest high waves at camber sands
Rich on the Waveski on a sunny day in December

Danger John was supposed to come down for a surf. He ended up at Folkestone though and talking to him later he had a nice clean chest high wave there as well.  Richard had a cracking session on his waveski  and said that it reminded him of the last sessions we had at Saunton just as the swell was dropping out. What he really meant was it was pure fun.

A waveski in chest high waves is pure fun
Richard enjoying himself

This session was areal treat. Easy to get out through the white water. A nice shoulder to play on and the wind dropped to nothing for over 2 hours WAHOO.

Blown out wave at Broomhill Sands. (19th Dec)

The forecast was for a front to go through over night and then the wind to swing to the NW between 6 and 9 in the morning. I had spoken to Richard and we were hoping to wake up with the wind already in the NW and starting to clean Camber up for a good surf. So i went to bed in anticipation of some wave riding coming up the next day. The front though was a bit slow clearing the south east of the UK. The wind never clocked in to the NW until about 9.30 so it was a matter of waiting a couple of hours and then having a sup at Broomhill sands on the dropping tide.

When we arrived there was a fair breeze from the WNW. Which is just off shore at Camber. With hind sight i should of taken the starboard pod up to the harbour arm and not gone out at the stoney car park at Broomhill Sands. The problem was though there was a lovely looking head high shoulder running to the left. So i got sucked out by the great looking wave. Richard with his waveski decided to wait a while and see how i got on. Which proved to be the right decision. Once out the back the wind was blowing quite hard and because i was supping it was hard to just not get blown down wind. I stayed out about 45 min and only managed to get on one decent shoulder and managed to get 3 bottom turns in. Not the best day i have ever had at Camber on the sup. Ol well the forecast for tomorrow is for head high waves over the high water. So a sup up by the harbour arm is on the cards.

Fingers crossed.

Ride the Storm (12th Dec)

The forecast had been showing a lot of swell for friday the 12th all week. Also the forecast was showing the wind going NW. Which would bring some over head high clean waves at Camber Sands. High water up by the harbour arm looked the best bet.

Barry bailing off the wave while sup wave riding
The waves were well over head high. So there was a bit of this

On the day there was plenty of swell. The Greenwich light ship buoy was showing 14f at one time. The wind had dropped out and was light from the west. Richard gave me a ring and said he probably would not make it due to a bad back. A few ibuprofen managed to get him to the beach with his waveski though. He was so glad he did as he caught the best wave he had ever caught at Camber.

if you got it right everytime wave riding would be boring.
And this

Tom from the kitesurf centre came out on his Starboard Pocket Rocket  Unfortunately he bought a squally shower out with him. Just as the waves were cleaning up nicely.

wave riding the Starboard pod at camber sands
There was however plenty of this

Over all it was not the epic day the forecast had hinted it might be. It was however a great day to be on the water with the Sup.


9th November Just Rideable Sup Wave at the Dunes Camber

The wind had blown from the south for most of the night and then dropped right out about 4.30 am. So in theory there should of been a nice bit of ground swell left to have a surf on.

There were 4 surfers out when i arrived at just after high water. They had gone in from the centre of camber at the sandy car park. They were catching a few short rides on thigh to waist high waves. The weather was good and i hoped the waves would get a bit better as the tide dropped and the ebb came through. So i decided to keep optomistic and get wet.

I had about an hour and a half on the water and there was no problem catching waves on the starboard POD. They were only small however and had very little speed to them. There again i caught a few waves, The weather was warm and sunny for november and it was good exercise.

So all in all another non epic days sup surfing at Camber Sands but fun none the less

7th November Gusty,Gusty Windsurf at Camber.

The forecast was for a near gale southerly first thing in the morning and then for the wind to a more west south west direction by late morning. Sam was as keen as ever on the phone for a windsurf and we got to Camber about 2 hours after high water just as the water started to drop. The weather however was producing a long line of heavy showers, Which made for very gusty conditions and the wind was also swinging from anything from south south west to almost due west, The wind was also varying from about 15 to 35 knots. Which made for an interesting windsurf to say the least. Not the best days windsurfing i have ever had at Camber Sands,

4th November Guy Falkes SUP

It may of been the 4th of November and they were giving a high of only 11 degrees. So Rich and myself thought we were in for a chilly surf at Camber. How wrong we were.

kneeling on one knee while sup surfing a small wave at Camber Sands
A glassy small wave at Camber.

The sun was out, The wind had totally gone, The sea was like glass and a small surfable wave on the dropping tide at the stoney car park at Camber. (Broomhill sands).

going frontside at camber
The biggest sets were only about chest high great fun though.

Rich had his new fins in his waveski and was more than how they performed in the small surf. Even with the small surf he was pulling off some tight bottom turns on the waveski.

Off the top of the wave almost a top turn.

So all in all a really great fun surf. Then to add to it it was warm enough to sit by the van and chill out in the sunshine with Rich,Ed and sue.