The Mediterranean Coast of France


Port napoleon the mosquito capital of the world.
Port Napoleon most peoples entry point from the French canals and often a start point when cruising in the south of France

I have put this picture in of us re stepping the mast of Leesa Christina at Port Napoleon as it is a common accurance for people exiting the French canals and getting ready to explore the glorious cruising ground of the southern french coast in the med. Port Napoleon is a great start point for your adventure dont linger to long though it is also the mosquito capital of the world. At dusk they come out in abundance. The good thing about cruising the French coast is that nowhere is to far away so there is no need to hurry and you can go and explore at a nice leisurely pace.

seeing dolphins swimming in your bow wave is something you never get bored of.
Dolphins are a frequent site along this coast.

This picture above is of our son Lee all the way back in 2003. This was one of our first encounters with Dolphins swimming by the boat and was taken not far from the isle de Frioul. Which is a stones throw away from Marseille, The isle de Frioul is also where we met our great friends Dave and Cal johnson aboard their moody 44. We were both held up there because of a strong Mistral blowing which kept us there for nearly 5 days. We ended up sailing for many summers all around the med with Dave and Cal. Ended up going to their sons wedding in New Orleans and are still in regular contact.

cruising the french riviera is must for every boat owner.
Dave and Cal With the Aegean sea behind them.

I know this picture was not taken in the south of France but is a great picture of Dave and Cal. Back to the isle de Frioul one of our favourite anchorages of all time is not far east from here, Port Miou. Just a shame that last time we went there they had laid buoys to tie to and now there is a charge. Port Miou is just south of Cassis and you enter through a whole in the cliffs and take a dog leg to starboard. Now you take a buoy and then go stern to the sheer cliff edge. There are big rings to take a rope to so an easy tie up. Port Miou is a mecca for teenagers cliff jumping as the water is deep and the rock sheer.

cliff jumping always turns in to a true adrenalin rush.
Seeing the youngsters cliff jumping was just to irresistable not to join in.

Not that far further east you have a real gem the ile de Porquerolles. We were anchored on the main land near here sheltered by a hook of land and this was the first and one of just a few occasions when we woke up to dense fog. Which soon burned off due to the strong sun.

Then a bit further east still a town that we loved,Cannes. When we got there we went to anchor just outside the Marina where we had anchored before. we were told the anchorage was closed. Bemused we took the last place in the marina which turned out to be a great decision. We had come on the day of an international firework contest and we had the perfect viewing point.

An international firework contest in the french town of Cannes,
We arrived in Cannes on the day of an International firework contest and had a perfect view of the action

Then just before you leave France and go in to Italy there is a stop we all have to make. That is Monaco. You dont have to stay in Monaco it is only a shortish bus ride if you anchor in either Villefranche or around the other side of the headland of Cap Ferrat depending on the wind direction. When in Monaco even if you are not a formula one fan. A walk around the grand prix circuit is a must. If for no other reason just to amaze at how they get around these narrow streets of speeds up to 170mph. The walk takes you past casino square where you are more than likely to see a whole bunch of supercars especially Ferrari,s.

the monaco grand prix the best race on the calendar.
The crews of Cedilla and Prowler at the hair pin bend of the Monaco grand prix circuit.

There are numurous other great anchorages and ports along the French coast. these are just a few of our favourites.


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