Adventure Weekend in Milton Keynes. (Snowboarding, Indoor Sky Diving, Climbing Wall)

The plan was too visit relatives that we had not seen in ages. With mum, Lisa and Dan and Lee and Emma. With me having just turned 50. They all decided to turn it in to an adventure weekend and a surprise to ma at the same time. Unfortunately circumstances were against us meeting up with the rellies. So that has now been postponed for later in the summer. So it left to us all to act like teenagers and have some fun.

The plan was to drive up to Milton Keynes on the saturday. Go indoor Sky Diving then stay over night and have a Snowboarding lesson on the Sunday. The climbing wall got added to the list once Lee had spotted it after we had been indoor Sky Diving. The great thing about this weekend is that everything is situated under one roof. So no travelling to different venues just turn up have fun and then have some more.


Dan and Lisa had already been indoor Sky Diving on their honeymoon in Florida. So they new what to expect and had raved about it ever since they had got back. we on the other hand did not really know what to expect. So just before going in the nervous energy was definately there along with excitement about what was too come.

Once entering the hardest thing i found was to get the initial position. So that you can just hover above the net without flying off in all directions. Once the right position is achieved though. You find yourself relaxing and the whole experience goes to another level. By the time that your time is up. We all could hover, Raise ourselves up and down and also just about make some turns. With only Dan having a brief crash and burn. For an extra £5 the instructor will take you right to the top and back down a couple of times. This may sound expensive for just a few seconds of excitement. It is however something you have to do while you are there. Overall EXCELLENT.


It only took Lee one glimpse of the climbing wall for him to decide that he was not going to be able to walk past without going up it as fast as he could. Emma decided to give this one a miss. So this left Lisa,lee, Dan and myself to attack the wall. Well 2 Spires. One about 35 feet and the other nearly 45 feet high. After putting on some very uncomfortable climbing shoes and a short safety briefing it was time to get climbing. Lee and Dan straight away headed for the most difficult wall. So that left myself and Lisa with the easier route. To my pleasent surprise Lisa was very good at this and went up the wall faster than i did.

At all times while using the climbing wall you are clipped on and if you fall you will come back down to earth very slowly. I had never been clipped on to anything before when climbing something. So i inevitably went up too slowly making my forearms burn on every ascent of the wall. It was only after i had finished that i managed to get my head around the fact you can go up as quick as you like. Without the threat of crashing back to the ground. So for me another go is a must. Lisa, Lee and Dan though were much quicker and did really well. With Lee by the time he had finished ascending the hardest parts of the wall in no time at all.

This was a great experience and we all want to have a go at the wall in Edinburgh which is twice the height . GREAT EXPERIENCE


With none of us having any real Snowboarding experience. This was going to be a baptism of fire for all of us.We were booked in for an hour and a half beginners lesson. So we did not really know what to expect. I think Lee and Dan would of been happier with a pass for the lift and just charge down and learn as they went. However a taster lesson turned out to be a great idea and taught us how to stop in a safe manner. Something i am sure Lee and Dan would of found out the hard way if they had gone in head first in to the deep end.

The first Snowboard lesson is basically a taster that teaches you about your equipment and then gets you on to the slope. Then you are taught how to manouvre on your toe edge. Which ends with you being able to traverse backwards and forwards down the slope. The actual lesson is not that high octane. What it does do though is get you wanting more. Which i definately do and we all intand to take it further and hopefully get good enough to go on a snowboarding holiday to the Alps this coming winter. WAHOO.


I cannot go without adding we went to a great Casino. Yes you guessed it still in the same building. There is also a cinema shops and eating houses as well. So if you want an action packed high octane Adventure weekend. Then give Milton Keynes a go you will not be disappointed. EXCELLENT WEEKEND HAD BY ALL….


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