There are various routes up mount Snowdon. After taking a look through them and their pros and cons. I decided there is really only one obvious option. That is to go up the Pyg track. Then come back down the same way until you get to the fork with the miners track and descend back to the start point. With the pyg track and miners track both starting at pen y pass car park this works perfectly.

The summit of mount Snowdon on a summers day in june.
The summit of mount Snowdon poking its head out of the clouds.

It is worth saying the car park at pen y pass is not really that big. So if the weather is right an early arrival is probably a good idea. On the day we had in mind though the weather was not supposed to clear until between mid day and 2 in the afternoon. So there was no point setting off early and getting to the summit why it was still shrouded in cloud. So we got to the car park just before 11 am and we were lucky there were just a couple of spaces in the car park at pen y pass. The start to the pyg track is in the far corner of the car park. We left with the summit still shrouded in cloud.

half way upSnowdon looking down over the lake.
Views down mount Snowdon near where the Pyg track and Miners track meet.

The Pyg track is to be honest quite uneven and is slow going at times. It does however climb fairly steeply so is achievable in about 3 hours fairly comfortably. About two thirds of the way up you will come across a standing stone that marks the point where the Pyg track and miners track join. We made a good reference of this point so that we did not miss it on the way down. Probably the best part of the Pyg track for me were the spectacular views nearly all the way to the summit. I say that because as the pyg track joined where the railway line is we entered the clowd. The temperature dropped like a stone and so did the visibility. By the time we reached the summit you could only see about 20 yards at best.

when it is cloudy at the summit of mount snowdon the visibility can be virtually nil.
Very restricted visibility at the summit of Mount Snowdon.

We hung around on the summit for a fair while to see if the weather would clear as the forecast had said it would. With no improvement after an hour or so we decided to make our decent back down. It turned out when we were about half way back down blue skies appeared over the top of Snowdon as the weather suggested. Once on the miners track on the descent the going gets a lot easier and there is a splendid walk along the shores of the lake.

the miners path of mount snowdon is quite easy going compared to the pyg track.
Tracey with a splendid view across the lake and up towards the summit of mount Snowdon.

We were very happy with our decision to come down the miners track. It may be longer once you are down to the lake though it is easy going all the way back to the end point at pen y pass car park. It also gave our legs a wellearned bit of easy going after the more arduous ascent up the pyg track. It was a bit of a shame about the visibility at the summit. It did however make it more of an adventure.  All in all a really good day on the mountain.

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