Sup Surfing Morocco (Taghazout)

In Feb 2014 Jono, Andy, Mark, Rich and myself went to Taghazout Morocco for a sup surf trip. Well nearly all of us you wont get Rich on a Sup. He is much happier on his Waveski. So 4 sups and a waveski went to Taghazout.

a wvae running along the shore at anchor point
A small day at Anchor Point Morocco

After a 4hr flight we arrived and once finding our hire cars we realised no one uses roof racks in Morocco. So we strapped our boards to the top of the cars and off we went. We had to get through Agadir Richard was driving and he did a brilliant job not having an accident as the driving in Agaidir is mad to put it politely. There are cars lorries motorbikes bicycles horse and carts and every other form of transpoty. Going in all directions all at the same time. We arrived in Taghazout about an hour later all to everyones relief. We could of all done with a beer unfortunately Taghazout is a dry town.

a wave breaking on the beach in Taghazout Morocco
Walk out of your accommodation in Taghazout and straight in to the surf

Once Off loading our kit in to our accomodation which i will explain more about in a minute. We got hold of our paddleboards and took the short walk to Taghazout beach. The surf was a good head high and after catching a few waves off the town beach we paddled down and had a cracking surf at Panaramas a break just south of Taghazout town. We had another great Sup at panaramas the next morning with some sets at least head high and a half. During the week we were in Taghazout we had constant pumping surf. We had some of the best wave riding i have ever had with the Sup at Taghazout beach itself, Panaramas, Banana beach and probably the two best sessions of the week at Devils rock.

Looking over towards devil,s rock taghazout.
It does not look much from this picture by Devil,s rock before we went in. It turned out though to be such a great session.

The surfing was only one element to our trip to Morocco a side that is not so pleasant is the fact that we all got sick with all of us spending 24hrs feeling like death and spending numurous trips to the bathroom. Talking to other surfers we were not the only ones. Actually we did not talk to anyone who did not get sick. We cannot be 100 percent sure what was the cause. Probably the main culprit though has to be the fact that the Moroccona do not seem to have a proper filtration system for their sewege system and raw sewege seems to be let straight out in to the sea.

getting the sups ready for a surf at Devil,s rock.
Parked at Devil,s Rock

We stayed at the ocean surf house right in the heart of Taghazout town. The building was part of a terrace property that must of been all of about 9 feet wide including the stairway. To say the accomodation was basic would be kind. I dont think any maintanance had been done on the property for a long time. A lot of people love the ocean surf house and it is a sort after place to stay. I for one am not to sure why and once Mohammid the guy who we hired the cars off showed us an apartment that would of cost us the same money and was newly renivated and well equipped we soon realised we had well over paid for our accomodation With our stand up paddleboards and Richards waveski being quite large. They also did not really have the room to store out boards. So we stored our boards each night in the workshop of one of the local board repairers/shapers.. Who through out the week proved to be very friendly and very helpful.

our hotel room in taghazout at the ocean guest house was not quite 5 star.
Richard checking the surf from our 5 star accommodation.

The area around devils rock and banana beach is a haven for motorhome owners over wintering in good temperatues and many hours of sunshine. This option really appeals to me it is a fair drive down to Morocco once there though living is cheap and the weather is warm and the main factor is therte is an abundance of surf available with very light winds to go with it.

The young lad who worked where our sups were stored over night.
Our Sup storage area in the local board shapers workshop.

So to sum up a Sup trip or waveski trip or surf trip. It is simple really it is something you have to do. It is something i have done and is something i intend to do again. Remember it is easy not to do something.

The goats in Taghazout had a free meal every morning.
The local wildlife having a free meal which they did every morning.



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