Swim Diary

Thur4th June

Back in the sea for the first time this year. Well overdue sea swim we only did just over a mile Good to get back in the open water.

Mon 1st June

2000m A nice leisurely swim  with a pull buoy to get used to having the legs higher as open water swimming is back on the cards.

wED 20TH mAY

2300M, Pete decided we should do a muscular endurance session. Which consisted of a 900m warm. Followed by a series of short but fast race pace sets.

mon 18th May


Thur 14th May

2500m,  a session of endurance  we mixed in a lot of catch up with stretching… A hard sess.

Fri 8th may

2500m. A session full of drills so was a good mix that kept it interesting.

Wed 6th May

2400m. Not along session we did however split it evenly between front crawl and Breaststroke. So the next day the legs were showing signs of fatigue.

Thur 30th April

2850m. Pete and myself were knackered before we even started so getting through a long session was a good feeling.

Fri 24th April

2200m, just got back from 3 days sup surfing in Devon. So the body was in a state of disrepair. So the whole session was a struggle for me. I picked a endurance form session. Which i soon regretted….

Mon 20th April

Pete had not been in the water for 3 weeks so we decided to a mile and a bit concentrating on our stroke technique.

Wed 15th April

After a week with a stinking cold i got in the water and swam a mile just to loosen the body up and clear out the lungs of the remnants of my cold.

Wed 8th April

1600m. First swim for nearly 3 weeks after going on holiday to Portugal and doing some surfing down at Camber Sands.

Fri 20th March

2000m, On my own so decided to do a slow build over the 2000m using a pull buoy but still doing a little flick with the toes to keep the 2 beat kick in time.

Thur 19th March

2500m, I just got back from 3 days paddle surfing in north Devon. So i struggled to keep up with pete during any part of the session. Hard work.

Thur 12th March

2000m, On my own so decided to do 4 sets of 400m pulling with paddles followed by 100m kick. was a good upper and lower body work out.

Wed 11th March

1800m, Pete decided we should do a Breast stroke session. Legs were pretty stiff the next day. Was the first time in about a year that we had done a serious Breast stroke sess.


Fri 6th March

2500m, Pete and myself decided we needed to do more legs in our sessions. So i picked a session with 200m legs in the warm up. After that though there was a lot of pulling and some speed work. Again cramping up by the end of the session.

Thur 5th March

2500m Back in the pool after 3 weeks on holiday. Body was stiff for at least half the session and legs cramping up by the time we finished.

Sun 1st March

Just got back from trip to Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos. Probably had 8 or 9 swims over the 2 weeek period with the longest sea dwim being about 2 miles. Time to get back in the pool.

Thur 5th Feb,

2ooom,More drills and a lot of one arm and catch. Concentrating again on a direct pull during the stroke. Must not slip water.

Tue 3rd Feb

2000m, Drills, Drills, Drills making sure that i kept a direct arm stroke right through the pull phaze.

Wed 28th Jan

2000m, Arrived late did some sprint work with pete andthen did some stroke technique concentrating on not slipping water with my right arm.

Tue 27th Jan

2000m, A large amount of catch up and one arm swimming to make sure i concentrated on stretching on every stroke an d pulling in a straight line all the way through the stroke.

Wed 21st Jan

2500m, Nearly 1500m pulling in this session with some sprint work mixed in. A really hard session.

Tue 20th Jan

2650m, An endurance form session with 2 and 400m sets that really did test our ability to keep form why trying to swim at a pace just under t pace.

Mon 12th Jan

2000m, A session mainly of catch up swimming to over emphasize the total immersion technique of freestyle.

Fri 9th Jan

2500m After 2 hard sessions this week pete and myself decided on a bit of fitness training concentrating on stroke technique rather than speed.

Wed 7th Jan

2650m Muscular endurance session that consisted mainly of 3 lots of 5 times 100m sets. With each set upping the pace both pete and myself were whacked after this one.

Mon 5th Jan

2500m A form session with a lot of what i hate most legs only. Lots of 150m swims and lots of distance per stroke. So apart from the legs only a really good work out.

Wed 31st Dec

2000m, A stretch out swim after christmas. Was the only chance i got for a swim. Shoulders tight to start with. Felt good by the end.

Tue 23rd Dec

2250m A little more energy today. No pete today so i did some more total immersion stroke technique work.

Mon 22st Dec

2000m I went for a swim i had very little energy though. So i did a couple of thousand metres of drills.

Thur 18th Dec

1900m We only had about 45 min before the pool closed for the morning session. So decided to try a 30 minute session out of Petes book. It was nly 1500m long but gave you the same workout as a 2500m session. First time we have tried this kind of speed session. Will use again when time is in short supply. We finished with a 400m warm down.

Tue 16th Dec

2600m A hard session picked by Peter. A lot of pulling and some 50s fast to finish us off at the end.

Mon 15th Dec

2500m Back to the technique sessions. I was trying to think streamlined as i was swimming. Most of the session was done doing catch up and one arm. So that i had time to really concentrate on the arm pull.

Thur 11th Dec

2500m An endurance session picked by pete. We ear marked this session afterwards as one to do again. A good mixture of endurance with some form and speed thrown in as well.

Tue 9th Dec

2500m Re watched the total immersion videos especially about exactly when the pull phaze starts. Decided to over do it and do nearly thw whole session catch up. With about 300m of one arm thrown in for concentrating on the catch part of the arm stroke.

Mon 8th Dec

2100m  Concentrated on my right arm to stop it sweeping across my body as i pull.

Fri 5th Dec

2000m We decided to do a speed session. Basically a 100m warm up then a lot of 75m sprints. Very hard pete got his heart rate up to near 200 beats per second. Not to sure how healthy that is ??

Thur 4th Dec

200m Pete hadnt been in the water for nearly 2 weeks so we decided to just get a few lengths under our belts. i did a thousand metre warm up then 100m one arm 100m catch up and 100m full stroke a few times to get arm phaze right.

Tues 2nd December

2350m Had a swim totally concentrating on the arm pull technique of my stroke. With lots of catch up and one arm swimming to get right arm not slipping water.

Wed 26th November

2000m Went for a tecnique swim was concentrating on rolling the shoulders and arm pull. Got cramp after1700m so the last 300m was pretty painful.

Fri 21st November

2250m Mainly a pulling session which i enjoy as it gives my legs extra buoyancy. Was a good session for concentrating on getting the entry correct for the pull phase of the stroke.

Thur 20th November

2200m pete and myself were both knackered before we started. Pete chose an speed / Endurance session. It was good to do some speed work. We had lost some speed through the summer during the sea swims.

Wed 12th November

Pete and myself arrived and the lanes were going to be used for teaching lifeguards so we decided to do some more stroke technique. Mainly concentrating on the pull phase of the stroke.We did about 1500m in all.

Mon 10th November

2000m of stroke technique. This time concentrating on bi lateral breathing. To aid balance to my stroke and also concentrating on the catch phaise of the stroke. The two beat kick seems pretty ingrained now so hopefully the total immersion technique is starting to take shape.

Thur 6th November

2100m,  Pete and myself decided on a stroke session conentrating on holding form. Was quite a bit of fast stuff involved. Was the first time that i found i could increase the speed and still keep the two beat kick together that i had been practising from the total immersion videos.

Fri 31st October.

1 and a 1/4 mile sea swim. What a joy back in the sea on the last day of October. The sea had lost some of its summer warmth but was definatly not cold. The sea was a bit choppy. I spent the swim concentrating on the total immersion two beat kick. That i had been practising in the pool. Was working quite well so well happy.

Wed 29th October

2000m straight off swim. A stroke technique swim concentrating on the two beat kick and the relaxed arm recovery.

Mon 27th October

Pete and myself swam 1800m. A fast session in which we both struggled pete doing 12hr days and me just coming off double tides.

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