Cruising by Sail in Cedilla / Leesa Christina


leesa christina and cedilla in the same picture.
Cedilla just returned from the med and Leesa Christina in the back ground ready to go.

We cruised our 2 boats Cedilla and Leesa Christina many thousands of miles. Both Adventures started in a mud birth at Rye in east Sussex.

Our first Adventure in Cedilla took us across the English channel to calais. Where we entered the french canals in which we stayed until we reached the Mediterranean sea at a small french port of frontignon.

from there we cruised the coasts of southern France and Italy. Along with many islands along the way including the Tuscan, Pontine and Aolean Islands. It was while in the Aolean islands that we decided we would like a larger boat. With Cedilla being a older Westerly we took her back to England to sell. She subsequently was sold to a gentleman in Scotland who had Cedilla put on a low loader and transported to her new home on the west coast of Scotland.


When cruising the Ionian preveza is the perfect place to leave your boat
Leesa Christina ready for launch at Preveza the best place by far to leave your boat when in the Ionian

The plan for our second boat was to buy a boat in Greece. As we had nearly got this far with Cedilla. However we ended up buying Leesa Christina in Brighton marina. from where we took her back to Rye and started our second adventure from exactly the same point as we had started the first one.

At the beginning of the next summer we left Rye and after another trip through the canals. This time via the canal de la Somme. We sailed down the coasts of southern France and Italy and on to Sicily. From where we chucked a left up in to the Adriatic and Croatia. After 6 weeks here we went south and down in to the Ionion and over wintered lees Christina at Preveza.

We then sailed to the canal de Corinth and out in to the Aegean. Where we explored many Greek islands until we left Lesbos for Turkey. After sailing down the Turkish coast we left Leesa Christina just outside Bodrum at a place called Yatlift. (best place to leave a boat ashore in turkey).

After which we sailed across the bottom of the Aegean around the Peleponisos and back up to the Ionion. Then across the bottom of Sicily and on up to Sardinia and finally to the aisle de Elbe from where our adventure with Leesa Christina ended…..

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