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A picture of the kids jumping off the side of Cedilla
This picture sums up how you should live life. Enjoy it to the full
Hi my name is Barry Belcher i was born many years ago. You could probably say that i am a waterman. I love nothing better than to be on the water  doing the sports i love which include stand up paddle surfing, Sailing,Windsurfing and open water swimming.

stand up paddle surfing session at camber sands
This picture was taken by danger John of a great stand up paddle session
My other great passion is travel. I know it is and old cliche that people say travel broadens the mind but is true. There really is something special about looking around a corner and seeing something for the first time.
delphi is one of the most spectaculat ancient cities.
I am about to enter the place where in ancient times people went to speak to the Oracle

There is a little saying that i try and embelish in to my lifes outlook. (It is too easy not to do something).  I still need a kick up the backside sometimes to get motivated. There again dont we all.

A picture of Barry up the mast by the spreaders doing a rigging check before setting off.
There was always another job to do on Cedilla and Leesa Christina.

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  1. Hey dude, get back to the van ok, lol! Monday looks good, might even bring the surfboard down for a glass off! 🙂

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