New York (May 2016)

The statue of Liberty in New York.
The statue of liberty is probably the most iconic site of New York. This doesn’t mean it has to cost you any money to get a close up view of lady liberty. Simply take the statin island ferry. It is free and leaves on a regular basis throughout the day
The flatiron building in New York.
The Flatiron building in New York is one of the most iconic buildings in New York. With its triangular shape it really stands out from the crowd. There may be bigger buildings all around it now. However the character of the building still shines through.
The empire state building new york.
The Empire state building must be one of the most well known buildings in the world. It has featured in many films. Probably the most famous being the 1933 film King Kong. The Empire state building is a building not only to look at from the outside. A trip to the 86th floor. To the observation deck is a must. It provides probably the best all round view of Manhattan.
A view from the yop of the empire state building.
This is just one of the panoramic views of manhattan island that you get from the top of the Empire state building.
the observation deck of the empire state building.
Dave,Cal and tracey on the 86th floor of the Empire state building.
The charging bull of Wall street.
The charging Bull of wall street has become a huge tourist attraction. Rubbing its testacles is supposed to bring good luck. For some reason this didn’t appeal to me lol. You make your own luck.
the 9 11 memorial in new York
A trip to the 9 11 memorial at ground zero. May not be the first place you think of visiting on a trip to New York. However it is a must. It is a haunting experience and shows you first hand the devistating effects of the barbaric attack on civilian life.
9 11 water fountain.
The huge water features at the 9 11 memorial is a haunting experience. With all the names of the people who died all around the outside.
Grand central station new york.
When in New York a little wonder down to and a wonder around Grand Central station is a must do. It is like no other train station you will of been too.


Central park new york.
We loved central park. we have all seen it on television many times. It is however a real gem right in the middle of Manhattan.
strawberry field central park.
When we went to New york i never new there was a memorial to John Lennon in Central Park. It makes perfect sense when you see where it is situated. Which is right near the dakota Building. Where he lived with Yoko Ono. The Strawberry field memorial was a real treat. So we thought we would go and have a look at the Dakota building. Unfortunately it was covered in scaffolding.


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