Ipswich River Massachusetts (may 2016)

Dave and cal getting in to a canoe on the Ipswich river
While visiting our good friends Dave and Cal in Danvers mass. They suggested an afternoon canoeing down the Ipswich river. What a joy it turned out to be.
Tracey paddling on the Ipswich river.
The weather on the afternoon that we had when we paddled down the Ipswich river. Was about as good as it can get.
A turtle on the Ipswich river.
The wildlife that we saw on our canoe trip. Included a good variety of birds,Fish and Turtles.
A white Heron feeding on the Ipswich river.
Just one of the many herons that we saw feeding on the plentiful supply of fish.
A Beaver damn on the Ipswich river.
There were Beaver damns dotted all along the river as well. Sometimes these damns made passage on the river quite difficult.
The scenery on the Ipswich river is spectacular.
The scenery on the Ipswich river is just as beautiful. As the wildlife is abundant.
Dave and Cal annoying on the Ipswich river.
We can’t thank dave and Cal enough for a great afternoon. Spent canoeing on the Ipswich river.

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