Venice in the spring (2016)

hotel in venice
The hotel that we stayed in venice had only 6 rooms, However it was friendly and in a lovely location
st marks square venice
St marks square may be one of the biggest tourist attractions in Venice. It is though a must see and a trip up the tower for a high rise view is a must
st marks square
This picture of st Marks square is taken from the top of the clock tower.
a typical street in venice
It takes a while to get used to the way Venice works. It is like no where else in the world and everyone should experience it at least once.
A rooftop view of Venice
Just about every building in `venice has its own charm and is almost certain to be different to its neighbour.
Repairing Gondolas in venice.
The price of a Gondola ride in Venice is hugely expensive. There is however no shortage of takers. So there is plenty of work for the boat builders of Venice.
the outer islands of venice
When visiting Venice getting on the water taxis and visiting the outer islands is a must.
the bright houses of Burano
The brightly coloured houses of Burano are a joy to see. Apparently the fisherman painted their houses bright colours. So that they new which one was theirs from out at sea. Burano is also famed for its lace making. Although almost all the lace today is mass made.
glass sculpture on Murano
The island of Murano is famed for its glass making and there are still plenty of places on the island. Where you can watch the glass masters at work. The glass sculpture in the picture may not be a masterpiece. However it does have its own kind of cool.
murano one of venice,s island treasures.
Murano is a lovely island to explore. As are all the islands and everyone who visits should get a day ticket for the water buses and go and explore.
The island of Torcello. Once the power house of Venice.
The island of Torcello was the island where it all started for Venice. However it was abandoned many hundreds of years ago. Due to malaria carrying mosquitos making it virtually uninhabitable. Still well worth a visit though.



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