20 Mile SUP Queenboro To Gravesend

Jono contacted me and asked if i was up for a distance sup. After looking at the weather forecast we decided it would be perfect for a downwinder from Queenboro. In to the thames estuary and up to Gravesend.

Jono on his slingshot race sup
Jono turning the corner after a hard start.

With the forecast giving the wind 10 to 12 knots due east. this would make the wind directly behind us for about 2 thirds of our Paddle to Gravesend. Our launch spot was going to be Minster, However being a weekend in August with clear blue skies the traffic turned out to be a nightmare. So we decided to change to Queenboro instead.

Ships are a common site why supping in the thames.
A close encounter with a ship why going up the Thames.

After a good start to our paddle. We struggled to get around the shallows leaving the river Medway and in to the Thames itself. We then thought it would be plain sailing with the wind directly behind us and some wave gliding down to gravesend. Unfortunatly the swell direction was coming from more the north. So this made it into a very bumpy ride down the thames.

Jono with his race board at the finishing line.
A downwinder that turned in to a 5 and a half hour endurance paddle.

Unfortunatly our perfect forecast turned in to a 5 and a half hour endurance paddle up the thames.  Not out finest hour on the race sups however this was a bit of the thames that neither of us had paddled so it had to be done. Although we both agreed neither of us is likely to be paddling it in the near future..

You cannot have it epic everyday otherwise what would be epic….

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