Best waves at Camber so far this Winter Thursday 8th January

What a great session thyursday the 8th of jan turned out to be. The forecast had the wind swinging from south west to north west by lunchtime. They did have though the wind staying at about 20mph though. So we did not get our hopes up to much for an epic session.bThe wind swang mid morning right on cue and we were also in for a pleasent surprise. Once the wind went north west it dropped out almost completely. So by the time we got afloat for a surf a couple of hours later the conditions had cleaned up and there were some lovely over head high waves to be had.

barry on the starboard pod going back side.
There were both lefts and rights to be had

These waves are the best we have had at Camber this winter by far. There were lefts and rights to be had with only the odd wave closing out. out that day was Tom from the kitesurf centre on his starboard pocket rocket. Richard on his pro design waveski and myself on my starboard pod. the bar up by the green light at the entrance to the river Rother was definitely the place to be and we had about 2 and a half hours of sheer fun

barry going front side on the starboard pod.
Great waves and blue skies WAHOO

Hopefully we will have more days like this before the winter swell ends in a couple of months time. Tom, Rich and myself all came off with huge smiles on our faces.

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