Christmas Eve Sup.

The last time that we managed to get a decent wave at Camber on christmas eve was in 2011. The forecast was good and Rich and myself were starting to think that we could possibly get another christmas present from the weather gods. As we all know though what the weather forecast says will happen and what actually happens on the day can be very different things. Luckily the Christmas weather gods were spot on this time.

some great stand up paddle surfing was had at camber sands on christmas eve.
Clear blue skies, Nice waves and no wind what a result.

Hopefully the pictures i have added of one of the waves i caught on the Starboard pod will give you a glimpse of the great session we had on Christmas eve. Richard is really getting to grips with his waveski now and is now turning it a lot tighter and getting right in the critical section of the shoulder. He had the best wave he has ever had at Camber sands during this session and left the water feeling very happy with himself.

Barry determined to get a barrel wave at Camber up by the harbour arm
I know a lot of people cannot be bothered to surf at Camber but on days like we had here. They really are missing out big time.

I know the chances of getting a barrel at Camber Sands are pretty remote. For a second though when riding the wave in the pictures. I just thought i might be able to get tucked up in one. As you can see by the last picture in the sequence i got a face full of waterfor my troubles. I have wanted to get in a barrel since i started supping and the time will come sooner or later, Just not yet.

A great sup wave on the starboard pod.
The wave broke on me not over me. Ol well great wave anyway.

We stayed on the water for about 3 hours on Christmas eve and the session seemed to go in half hour bursts. We got on the water just after high water. As the water dropped one sand bar would work well for about half an hour> then it would go off and be hard work for the next half hour. Then as the water dropped a bit further the next sand bar out would start working.

So over allRichard caught the best wave at Camber on his Waveski. I managed to get plenty of speed out of the Starboard POD and got as close as i have at Camber in getting tucked up in a wave.


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