Cliff Jumping in the Med.

There is something about standing on something that is not man made. Knowing that you are going to throw yourself off of it and land in to the crystal clear waters of the mediterranean sea. The adrenaline rush you get is just the same on your 100th cliff  jump as it is on your first.

Barry doing a back flip off a rock
Doing a back flip is all about commitment

Then when you get a little more adventurous you can always try doing some back flips. We did quite a few here we were stuck in split in Croatia with engine problems. While waiting for our reconditioned head to come back. We had to keep ourselves amused somehow.To be honest a back flip is not that hard a manouvre. It all comes down to commitment. Basically as long as you look for the water and your landing spot as you take off. Your feet will automatically come over your head. You then just have to control the speed of your rotation rather than the thought of am i going to get round.

Barry half way round his back flip off a cliff
The key to the move is to look for your landing

There are a couple of very important things to remember before you attempt any cliff jump however high. First and most important is to check your landing area for depth of water and obstructions. We always went for a swim around the whole landing area before we jumped off anything. Even if the water is crystal clear you still cannot check your landing area without going for a swim.

spot your landing and you will rotate automatically
Always a good feeling once you have hit the water with the rotation complete

Second on landing always keep your arms and legs tucked in . you dont have to jump from very high before water becomes a very hard substance to land in. Especially if you dont land how you intended. We actually saw a lad who had dislocated his shoulder through not tucking his arms in on landing. Luckily for him as he was trying to get out of the water he raised his arm up and his shoulder popped back in. You could see on his face a mixture of sheer pain and sheer relief at the same time.

cruising the south of France by boat is a must.
Anchored in port miou in the south of France Lee takes the first leap from the top

The picture above and the picture below were taken in Port Miou a glorious place to spend a couple of days and a perfect place for cliff jumping. You can see where i was going to jump from. Lee however climbed straight to the top and jumped straight off. So you can imagine i had no choice then but to follow him to the top and then follow him down the easy way and jump off.

cliff jumping always turns in to a true adrenalin rush.
Lee went from the top so i thought i better go from the top as well.

I worked out the height here to be roughly 35 feet or so. The mast on our boat Cedilla was 36f plus about 4 feet to the waterline and standing on the top of ther cliff. The top of the mast was clearly visible. It might of been 40f it was however at least 35f. No back flips from that height though. just along from where we jumped there is a cliff of about 60 to 70 feet that the local lads were jumping from. i thought about it for about 10 seconds. Then sanity set in and i reminded myself that we still had another month of holiday to go yet and i did not want to spend it in intensive care. Eithe rthat or i just bottled it. WAHOO.

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