Total Immersion Two Beat Kick

When i swam competitively back in my teen years. Unfortunately now many years ago or should i say decades. We were taught stroke technique a specific way. I then did triathlons in my twenties and swam regularly with the kids as they grew up. Now though since getting in to open water swimming. The philosophy of swimming has changed greatly and this is where Total Immersion comes in.

The total immersion front crawl swim technique was devised by Terry Laughlin. Through many years of coaching and swimming himself. Through watching terry Laughlin,s videos and reading his book. i have come to the conclusion that the basis of masterin his front crawl technique is his version of the two beat kick.

For those of you new to swimming a two beat kick means that you kick once per arm stroke. This is very easy compared to a four or six beat kick. You cannot however do a four or six beat kick in long distance swimming. It uses up to much energy for yhe amount of forward momentum that it produces and you will tire very quickly. So the two beat kick is the only real option. The total immersion two beat kick is not really for forward momentum. It is more to get you in the right streamlined position. Meaning you will keep moving through the water with less resistance.

As i said the timing of the  kick is the key for each arm stroke. You kick with your left leg as your right arm enters the water. Which in turn pushes your right arm forward and automatically gets your left arm in to its recovery position. More on that later. The roll of the hips is also very important as you kick as this makes your body roll at the same time and also helps get you in that streamlined position that we are looking for.

The two beat kick is what i am working on with my swim technique at the moment i am getting there when swimming at a moderate pace. When i try to swim faster though my technique gets a bit shaky so more time in the water is needed to get it working automatically without me thinking and concentrating on it.

Check out the total immersion videos that i have put on my site and start swimming quicker why exerting less energy. I will update this post when i have totally got the two beat kick working to its full potential.

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