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Sup Surf in Algarve In shorts (Albufeira)

It does not matter what sport you are doing. Some days are going to be better than others. Then occasionally you get a day that is a real treat and when you have finished you look back on the day with a big smile on your face. This is what happened to richard and myself on our last day in the Algarve. We had been staying in Albufeira just up the road fromwhere Lee and Emma had been staying. They had flown back the previous day and after a week of chasing waves on the south and west coast of Portugal. Wedecided to have a relaxing paddle right off the beach where lee and Emma had been staying for the last month.

Richard took the above video while taking a drink break and applying some more sun screen.

We had been wearing a wetsuit all week while we had been surfing. Well sup and a waveski as the water in portugal in march is pretty cold. However as we were only intending to have a leisurely paddle. We decided to just wear a pair of board shorts and soak up the sunshine. The treat started when we got to the beach. We were treated to a chest high wave breaking in the exact spot where we were launching from. With the rest of the long beach being completely flat. So Richard on his waveski and myself on The starboard POD. Spent the next two hours catching waves totally on our own and just in shorts. This was the best SUP surf i had of the whole trip. Not the biggest or fastest wave we saw but the most enjoyable. This wave was what the sup was invented for. We both finished with huge smiles on our faces and went home very happy people.


20th Dec, Clean Chest high wave by the Green Light.

The forecast said again that the wind would swing in to the NW by high water. On the morning though we kept looking at the windguru spot weather station on the Red house at Camber and it stubbornly stayed south of west. In the end we decided to give it a look anyway and we were so glad we did. We were presented with a chest high clean wave that was running left nicely.

a picture of a waveski in chest high waves at camber sands
Rich on the Waveski on a sunny day in December

Danger John was supposed to come down for a surf. He ended up at Folkestone though and talking to him later he had a nice clean chest high wave there as well.  Richard had a cracking session on his waveski  and said that it reminded him of the last sessions we had at Saunton just as the swell was dropping out. What he really meant was it was pure fun.

A waveski in chest high waves is pure fun
Richard enjoying himself

This session was areal treat. Easy to get out through the white water. A nice shoulder to play on and the wind dropped to nothing for over 2 hours WAHOO.