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New York (May 2016)

The statue of Liberty in New York.
The statue of liberty is probably the most iconic site of New York. This doesn’t mean it has to cost you any money to get a close up view of lady liberty. Simply take the statin island ferry. It is free and leaves on a regular basis throughout the day
The flatiron building in New York.
The Flatiron building in New York is one of the most iconic buildings in New York. With its triangular shape it really stands out from the crowd. There may be bigger buildings all around it now. However the character of the building still shines through.
The empire state building new york.
The Empire state building must be one of the most well known buildings in the world. It has featured in many films. Probably the most famous being the 1933 film King Kong. The Empire state building is a building not only to look at from the outside. A trip to the 86th floor. To the observation deck is a must. It provides probably the best all round view of Manhattan.
A view from the yop of the empire state building.
This is just one of the panoramic views of manhattan island that you get from the top of the Empire state building.
the observation deck of the empire state building.
Dave,Cal and tracey on the 86th floor of the Empire state building.
The charging bull of Wall street.
The charging Bull of wall street has become a huge tourist attraction. Rubbing its testacles is supposed to bring good luck. For some reason this didn’t appeal to me lol. You make your own luck.
the 9 11 memorial in new York
A trip to the 9 11 memorial at ground zero. May not be the first place you think of visiting on a trip to New York. However it is a must. It is a haunting experience and shows you first hand the devistating effects of the barbaric attack on civilian life.
9 11 water fountain.
The huge water features at the 9 11 memorial is a haunting experience. With all the names of the people who died all around the outside.
Grand central station new york.
When in New York a little wonder down to and a wonder around Grand Central station is a must do. It is like no other train station you will of been too.


Central park new york.
We loved central park. we have all seen it on television many times. It is however a real gem right in the middle of Manhattan.
strawberry field central park.
When we went to New york i never new there was a memorial to John Lennon in Central Park. It makes perfect sense when you see where it is situated. Which is right near the dakota Building. Where he lived with Yoko Ono. The Strawberry field memorial was a real treat. So we thought we would go and have a look at the Dakota building. Unfortunately it was covered in scaffolding.


Ipswich River Massachusetts (may 2016)

Dave and cal getting in to a canoe on the Ipswich river
While visiting our good friends Dave and Cal in Danvers mass. They suggested an afternoon canoeing down the Ipswich river. What a joy it turned out to be.
Tracey paddling on the Ipswich river.
The weather on the afternoon that we had when we paddled down the Ipswich river. Was about as good as it can get.
A turtle on the Ipswich river.
The wildlife that we saw on our canoe trip. Included a good variety of birds,Fish and Turtles.
A white Heron feeding on the Ipswich river.
Just one of the many herons that we saw feeding on the plentiful supply of fish.
A Beaver damn on the Ipswich river.
There were Beaver damns dotted all along the river as well. Sometimes these damns made passage on the river quite difficult.
The scenery on the Ipswich river is spectacular.
The scenery on the Ipswich river is just as beautiful. As the wildlife is abundant.
Dave and Cal annoying on the Ipswich river.
We can’t thank dave and Cal enough for a great afternoon. Spent canoeing on the Ipswich river.

Gong SUP paddle review. (Wave)

For about the last 4 years i have been using a Starboard full carbon wave paddle. With the largest blade that i could get my hands on. I have been using this paddle for wave riding and also distance paddling. The problem though with only having one paddle for all occasions is that everything is a compromise especially with the length of the paddle itself. For wave riding you are going to want a lot shorter paddle than for distance paddling. So i decided it was time for a second paddle.

a picture of a gongsup wave paddle.
The blade size gives you plenty of power on the wave

Fortunatly for me but not so fortunate for my age. I had a big birthday coming up. So my daughter Lisa and son in law Dan insisted on buying me a new paddle. With already having bought a board from Gong. The 6.10 fatal which is a cracking wave board. I decided to give one of Gongs paddles a go. At 139e for a carbon wave paddle this seemed the obvious choice. So i ordered the paddle which arrived very promptly from their warehouse in France.

A picture of the carbon shaft of the paddle
The oval carbon shaft is very comfortable and light in hand

Program :

Surf high performances. 100% dedicated to the glide and the moves.

Specifications :

Blade :
- Height : 45.7 cm = 18’’
- Width : 23.4 cm = 9’’ 1/5

Total weight for a 185 cm / 73’’ paddle :
- 727 g.

Price :

- Paddle Carbon Surf Cut & Glue : 139 € sold with the handle not glued.

Gluing option by the after sales GONG costs 10 €.

Order :

To order this product on line, please follow this link to :

Sizes :

Cut & glue :
Available at 215 cm long with the handle not glued. You can cut and glue it yourself to make it at your perfect length. Or you can ask to our after sale to do it for 10 €.
By this way you can be sure to have the exact length you need, 193 cm for example.

A picture of the head of the gongsup wave paddle
The angle of rake on the blade is just right for wave riding, Giving great paddle power to catch the wave.

This is the charte size to choose your paddle’s sizes.
Before, please, note these points :
- Usually, a small SUPer prefers the smallest size in the charte, the opposite for a tall SUPer.
- A shorter paddle than what this charte advise will be more maneuvrable on the wave and allow you shorts turns and to put more angle on the board.
- On hollow waves, use a shorter paddle to be closer to the face in barrels and to reduce turn’s diameters.
- A shorter paddle means more frequency but is painless for your shoulders.
- A shorter paddle is advised for short and thin boards. This charte is designed for beginners on a big board from 11’ to 12’ like a NFA 12’ for example. Please, reduce the size of 1 or 2 inches per foot less. For example, a 6’2 tall SUPer will use a 79’’ on a 11’ or 12’ board, a 77’’ on a 10’, a 75 on a 9’, and a 73’’ on a short board like 8’ or less. So it is usefull to ride a paddle of your exact size when your are an expert.
- A short paddle is great for windy conditions.
- A long paddle is so powerful and efficient for take offs.
- A long paddle gives you a better balance.
- The more your paddle is long the more “row effect” you have, so the most difficult is to paddle straight.
- You definitely need more than one paddle in your quiver : you can break it and you need to choose it regarding to the conditions of the session and save your shoulders.
The paddle components don’t change this charte.

- Paddle of 63’’ for a SUPer size from 4’7’’ to 4’10’’.
- Paddle of 65’’ for a SUPer size from 4’9’’ to 5’0’’.
- Paddle of 67’’ for a SUPer size from 4’11’’ to 5’2’’.
- Paddle of 69’’ for a SUPer size from 5’1’’ to 5’4’’.
- Paddle of 71’’ for a SUPer size from 5’3’’ to 5’6’’.
- Paddle of 73’’ for a SUPer size from 5’5’’ to 5’8’’.
- Paddle of 75’’ for a SUPer size from 5’7’’ to 5’10’’.
- Paddle of 77’’ for a SUPer size from 5’9’’ to 6’0’’.
- Paddle of 79’’ for a SUPer size from 5’11’’ to 6’2’’.
- Paddle of 81’’ for a SUPer size from 6’0’’ to 6’4’’.
- Paddle of 83’’ for a SUPer size from 6’5’’ and more.

The information above was taken from the Gong website.

A picture of the whole sup paddle
The gongsup Paddle is a great cost effective way of getting your hands on a carbon paddle.

So now to the important part what does the paddle perform like. All though being a bit heavier and the blade being smaller than my Starboard paddle. The Gong carbon wave paddle gives you plenty of power to catch waves with ease. The paddle is light and balanced in your hands making transitions easy. it also keeps your speed up when trying to make different sections and reforms on the wave.

Overall 4 out of 5, Only reason not giving 5 out of 5 is that the paddle could be a little lighter. This really is knit picking though. As if you are looking at a cost effective carbon wave paddle then the Gong should be right at the top of your list


73 Ferretti runs up on a reef at 25 kts in the Turks and Caicos

The picture below of a 73 foot Ferretti may look in perfect condition. That is what we thought when we tied up at sout side marina on the island of Provo in the Turks and Caicos archipeligo. It was only when we spoke to the owner of south side.  That we found out exactly why the ferretti power boat was tied securely to the dock in the marina.

A written off power boat
This large power boat may look in perfect condition. However it is a total write off after running up on a reef at 25 kts

Apparently it had been delivered by ship to Miami and then it was on its maiden voyage over to the virgin islands. When with only 40 hours on the engines. For some reason that i am none the wiser it ran up on a reef at 25 kts. It then took a vast amount of money to get it refloated and off of  the reef. Once off the reef it then had to be patched up in a home made dry dock. So that it would keep afloat on its own. From there it was taken to South side marina on the island of Provo.

The Turks and Caicos islands are surrounded by reefs.
The tender may look ok but on closer inspection got a battering when the boat ran aground.

This is where it still sits now. With no one we spoke to having any idea what the insurance company now intended to do with it.  You could probably by this boat for practically nothing. The problem is it would cost you a kings ransom to get it sea worthy again. Even then if you did i am not sure that any insurance company would ever want to insure it again.

The ruined prop and shaft from the wrecked power boat.
The mangled remains of one of the props and shafts> The shaft had been sheered completely off.

So if you are looking for a large power boat with one unlucky owner. Then speak to Bob at south side he may have one going cheap.

Christmas Eve Sup.

The last time that we managed to get a decent wave at Camber on christmas eve was in 2011. The forecast was good and Rich and myself were starting to think that we could possibly get another christmas present from the weather gods. As we all know though what the weather forecast says will happen and what actually happens on the day can be very different things. Luckily the Christmas weather gods were spot on this time.

some great stand up paddle surfing was had at camber sands on christmas eve.
Clear blue skies, Nice waves and no wind what a result.

Hopefully the pictures i have added of one of the waves i caught on the Starboard pod will give you a glimpse of the great session we had on Christmas eve. Richard is really getting to grips with his waveski now and is now turning it a lot tighter and getting right in the critical section of the shoulder. He had the best wave he has ever had at Camber sands during this session and left the water feeling very happy with himself.

Barry determined to get a barrel wave at Camber up by the harbour arm
I know a lot of people cannot be bothered to surf at Camber but on days like we had here. They really are missing out big time.

I know the chances of getting a barrel at Camber Sands are pretty remote. For a second though when riding the wave in the pictures. I just thought i might be able to get tucked up in one. As you can see by the last picture in the sequence i got a face full of waterfor my troubles. I have wanted to get in a barrel since i started supping and the time will come sooner or later, Just not yet.

A great sup wave on the starboard pod.
The wave broke on me not over me. Ol well great wave anyway.

We stayed on the water for about 3 hours on Christmas eve and the session seemed to go in half hour bursts. We got on the water just after high water. As the water dropped one sand bar would work well for about half an hour> then it would go off and be hard work for the next half hour. Then as the water dropped a bit further the next sand bar out would start working.

So over allRichard caught the best wave at Camber on his Waveski. I managed to get plenty of speed out of the Starboard POD and got as close as i have at Camber in getting tucked up in a wave.